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Zombie Carl is a rotting, dark, decaying, entity of living death. But on the inside he's a kind, and loyal friend. Zombie Carl was a normal human being until he was turned into a zombie by the Crown of Nightmares, similar to Paul Wisnewski the Yeti turning from a human into a yeti. Or the Nightmare Crown killed him, he was buried, and he came back as a zombie. Poor Carl now spends his undead days as a butler at the Nightshade Manor Galaxy, a pilot for the Spectre Squadron and as a gatekeeper from Spookane.

Roles in Games


  • At the Boudreaux Mansion in MySims Agents graveyard, there is a grave belonging to "Carl Weatherby, greatest golf caddy". That is his grave.
  • Zombie Carl may be exaggerating when he said he's been alive for hundreds or thousands of years since he's a zombie. He worked for Cyrus Boudreaux for 87 years and at one point during that time period (probably due to the Nightmare Crown), he was turned into a zombie and no longer a normal human.
  • In MySims Kingdom, Carl has no curls in his hair, but in MySims Agents he has curls in his hair
  • Zombie Carl is a bit like Violet. He lives in Spookane but is a Cute Sim. Violet lives in Cutopia but is a Spooky Sim in MySims Kingdom. They also have 3 Paranormal, 1 Nature, and 1 Smarts while in MySims Agents and also they are both suspects for the first case in the Nightshade Manor Galaxy .
  • In MySims SkyHeroes, Carl has an eyepatch, possibly meaning that Chesby may have poked out his Carl's eye when he puts his pet in his head.
  • Sometimes Carl will do a part of the dance from Thriller by Micheal Jackson.
  • The condition's of Zombie Carl's death vary from game to game. In MySims Kingdom, it appears he's been dead for hundred's of years and has spent most of his life and death in Spookane's swamp. In MySims Agents, it is said he's been a butler for around 87 years, but most of which he was alive for, so he must have been a zombie for only around 12-16 years since around that time the Nightmare Crown incident took place. In MySims SkyHeroes, it is said he died in the Spectre Squadron's base 80 years before the game began.

Foreign Name

  • English: Zombie Carl
  • Dutch: Zombie Karel
  • Spanish: Carl el Zombi
  • French: Carlo le Zombie
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