Yuki (MSA) Yuki

On the left is her MorcuCorp outfit, and on the right is her in her other outfit which she appears in, in the game.

Name Yuki
Home/Home Galaxy Fortune Hunting Galaxy for the 2nd part
Species Human
Group MorcuCorp for the 1st part
Role Unknown
Family None

Yuki appears in MySims Galaxy Wii. She works for MorcuCorp, for the first part. However, when you confront her around mid-point through the game, she stops working for MorcuCorp and joins up with the Fortune Hunters. You, later, see her in the Fortune Hunting Galaxy. She helps them to look for Shinies.


Super Shiny Comet meets the Raceway Galaxy

Objective: Collect the shinies in the time limit.

Notepad Task Dialogue: The residents of the Raceway Galaxy need your help. Yuki has come over and trapped them in a bubble of doom. The only way out is to collect the shinies. Collect all of them to release them.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done, now there are more galaxies to help! So go and kick some MorcuCorp butts!

Reward: Tire essences as a trophy.

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