Westwood Lake
Placeholder location
Westwood Lake
Vital statistics
Type District of Twinkle Hills
Level 3
Location In Rainbow Forest Area
Inhabitants Luna, Joy, Penny, Eliza, Rico, Bradley

Westwood Lake is an area of Rainbow Forest, The zip codes for the houses are the Twinkle Hill codes. It is in the north west of the forest consisting of a lodge, and several small huts surrounding it. In the middle there is a large lake, as the name suggests.


It was discovered a little while ago when some teenagers went exploring in the woods and got lost. They settled there gathering a few other people, The teenagers moved back to the town where they came from an it was declared an official district back in 1999. Luna lives in the central lodge. Eliza, Penny, Joy, Rico and Bradley live there in the small lodges surround the beautiful lake.



If you travel through Twinkle Hills, you will reach Rainbow Forest, in the north west is Westwood Lake. There is a large lake with a large lodge on the edge, there are several other lodges nearby.


-Wood -Lilypads Westwood Lake Map

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