Watanabe Fish Hunt!
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Vital statistics
Participants You, Hisao, Jimmy, your friends, the Sims that you already know
Date Unlocked in August 9th (After you beat the game)
Location Watanabe Sushi

"Watanabe Fish Hunt!" is an event that is unlocked after you beat the whole game of MySims Malice. The objective is to hunt all of the fishes and make them as food so Sims can enjoy it.

The event

The event takes place at the Boardwalk everyday. The grand opening for the event is on August 9th. (The day after the War of MorcuCity) The host for the event is always Chef Hisao Watanabe. The participants are everyone (except the ones who died nor MorcuCorp), and his family. Only 4 participants will participate in the event so you'll have to be quick on submitting. The objective is on the top of the page.


If you have the most points, you'll be in 1st place. If you have most points than 4th or 3rd, or the least than 1st, you're in 2nd place. If you have the least points, you are in last place. If you're tied with another participant, you're both in 2nd place, or 3rd. If all of the participants are tied, then it'll be a Sudden Death round, and you have to be quick because you will have to serve a Sim 1 meal with good and fast timing, and not burnt or raw fish. If you win the Sudden Death round, then you will be in 1st place.

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