Walker is an agent that appears in MySims Galaxy, MySims Agents 4: The Cutopian Crime and MySims: Build Your Life! . Walker is a veteran detective, and the lead agent of the Sim Protection Agency. He also runs the branch of the Sim Protection Agency in the city. He has a crush on Natalia Roshmanov.

Roles in Games


  • Walker is the only sim who give's a dispatch mission that is impossible to fail. Those missions are Deploy! and One More Time.
  • Walker has a slight resemblance to Ewan and Johnny.
  • Walker makes a reference in the DS version of MySims Galaxy when he talks about a weapons delivery truck after investigating a pizza parlor. This is a reference to what he says in his dispatch mission, Sewer Search, in MySims Agents.
  • Also in MySims Galaxy, he is the only person to have the same mission in both the Wii and DS version.

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