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Venus is a location in MySims Stranded. It is the entrance to Leaf Aid, Safari Siti, and The Crescent Moon Village but beware, there are many giant Venus Fly Traps that will try and eat you! You have to play a mini-game every time you try and get there though you can also go there just to get essences. Here are a list that can be found here:



  • Organic
  • Onyx
  • Root
  • Stone
  • Worm
  • Jade
  • Space Rock


  • Organic
  • Dark Wood
  • Spider
  • Dead Wood
  • Butterfly
  • Moth
  • Lady Bug
  • Star

Completing Mini-game

  • Baby Venus Fly Trap
  • Organic
  • Fly

Bug Catching Net

  • Butterfly
  • Moth
  • Fly
  • Caterpillar
  • Lady Bug
  • Star

Characters and Animals

No one lives here, but if you try and leave at night you can't because it's too dangerous so you have to camp out there.



  • You are able to find space-related things here (such as the star or space rock) because it has "Venus" in the word "Venus Fly Trap."


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