Jack: Hello fans Hi and boy has it been a long time since you've heard from us. Ilikeit

Belinda: I know we were supposed to have my introductory episode out but then conflicts soon came.

Rick: Perry's been out sick with the flu and I had to attend my grandpa's funeral last week. Cry

Perry: But I'm feeling much better now! Ilikeit And what happened to your grandpa?

Rick: He had a severe case of the shingles. I know it's not deadly, but his immune system was never that great. Scared

Accura: And Jack stayed with me while Perry was sick and we went to a basketball game!!! Hurrhurr

Jack: So, here is what we're gonna be doing:

  • Tomorrow: Belinda's introductory
  • Next week sometime: A short
  • Hopefully next week: Maybe the episode after the introductory, we don't know. Shrug

Belinda: So, keep updated and we'll see ya tomarrow! Ilikeit

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