(This episode, we start at Castle Morcubus where Morcubus, Brandi, & Esma are having a chat. They seem to be going on vacation.)

Morcubus: BWAH-HAH-HAH!!! Isn't this great Esma? Just rest and relaxation for the next week and a half. Evilgrin

Esma: Yeah, but have you checked your wallet? Shrug We need money to get on the plane you know.

Morcubus: Imsupersurprisedplz BRANDI!!!!!

Brandi: (rushes out with a bathrobe) What are you doing? I just got out of the shower! Angry.gif

Morcubus: I never checked our wallets. Misery

Brandi: Now now now, it's ok. I'll just look. (looks in wallet) Ohnoes.gif You're broke.

Morcubus: So, to get money, I have a plan. Devil-smile (takes out paper) In order not to be arrested, I will disguise as Rick and go to the bank and steal all of their money. Then, I will use it to pay for the trip. BWAH-HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!!!! Muahaha

Esma: Sounds a bit risky. Ohdear.png

Morcubus: Oh be quiet Esma. It'll be fine.

Brandi: Oooh. Scared

(When Morcubus arrives at the bank)

Morcubus: (opens the door) Hehehehe Fweeheehee.png

Violet: Rick, what are you doing? Ohdear.png

Morcubus: (best Rick impression) Oh nothing. Just checking my box.

Violet: You don't even have a box here. (Morcubus leaves then Violet calls the SPA) Hello? Scared I think Rick was in here and he robbed the bank. (hangs up)

(That evening at Jack, Perry, & Rick's house)

Jack: I love playing checkers with you Rick. 

Rick: Oh, thank you buddy. Ilikeit (someone knocks on door)

Perry: It looks like the SPA is here.

Jack: Great. What the heck do they want?

Rick: (opens door) Hello. Hi

Belinda: Rick, you're under arrest!

Rick: Huh? What? This is a big misunderstanding.

Walker: Cuff him Belinda.

Rick: NO! NO! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! Imsupersurprisedplz

(At the prison)

Rick: You guys are nuts, I didn't rob the local bank.

Belinda: Yeah, even we're confused too. But, the call's the call. I'm afraid you'll be here for 3 years.

Rick: NO! NOOOOOOO!!!! Imsupersurprisedplz

Vincent: Well, it seems we have reached an impact. Nerdy smiley

Rick: Vincent? Ohdear.png What are you doing here?

Vincent: I got caught for stealing Ginny's treasure and displaying it in the pirate section of The Skullfinder Museum.

Rick: Well, I got caught for robbing the local bank, but I think it's a big misunderstanding. Shrug

Vincent: I'd say, I agree you would never do such thing. I'm only gonna help you break out though because this is not like you.

Belinda: Rick, Jack and Perry are calling you. I'll be in the bathroom.

Rick: (takes phone)

Perry: Oh Rick, this is not good for you. Why are you gonna stay for three years in prison? Cry

Rick: Look, this is a huge misunderstanding and Vincent is gonna break me out.

Perry: How did he get there? Ohdear.png But anyway, Jack's sending a box full of dynamite. Just clap three times and it'll explode.

Rick: BELINDA!!! 

Belinda: (takes phone)

(The next day)

Jack: Hey Rick. Hi I heard you striked a deal with Vincent so I gave you this. Just clap three times and it'll explode.

Vincent: (claps 3 times and BOOM!!)

(Jack, Rick, & Vincent run out of prison until Belinda comes back)

Belinda: So, breakin' out of jail huh? Angry.gif

Walker: Belinda, Brandi just told us the whole story here. Turns out Morcubus diguised as Rick and robbed the bank. 

Belinda: So Rick, I guess you're free to go, but Vincent, you're coming back with us.

Vincent: NO!!! Misery

Brandi: So, can we just go on our trip now? Ohdear.png

Walker: Oh we've got plans for you guys. (locks Morcubus, Brandi, & Esma in prison)

Morcubus: Ugh. Urk.png

The End

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