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Tyson Williams
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Vital statistics
Title 13-year-old ghost hunter
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Player's friend
Health Good Health
Level Star Level 4
Status Adventurous young boy and ghost hunter extraordinaire
Location Your Town

Self proclaimed "Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire", Tyson is always looking for something creepy.


Most boys Tyson's age like to go and play in the sunlight but not Tyson. He perfers to go out at night and look for ghosts.


  • Spooky
  • Studious


  • Cute




Hotel Introduction

  • Hi I'm Tyson. Does [your town] have any haunted houses? That'd be awesome!

Accept Move-In

  • Okay I'll move in but make my house super scary for the ghosts.

After You Build House

  • Wow! I bet ghosts and monsters will be lining up to see this place!

Request For More Stuff

  • Hey [player's name] I'm sorta bored. Could you build me a TV?

Star Level 4

  • Psst, I heard that sometimes animals become ghosts! Maybe I should get a spirit dog!
  • I found some ectoplasm in the woods! Wanna see?
  • I'm going on a ghost hunt, wanna come?

Star Level 5

  • Yesterday I drew a circle on the ground and started to chant. THEN GHOSTS APPEARED! It was so COOL!
  • I like reading scary books. That way I always have nightmares!
  • Don't tell my parents but sometimes I stay up really late watching horror movies and, don't tell anyone but, sometimes they even scare me!

Best Friend

  • Wow, [player's name] your an awesome friend. Wanna look for some more ghosts?
  • Reward: Bed - Graveyard (headboard and footboard shaped like tombstones)


  • Although Tyson is always looking for ghosts he doesn't seem to notice Cassandra
  • Tyson learnt magic from Wendalyn

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