Commerial Sim
Vital statistics
Title Haunted House Owner
Gender Male
Race Human
Faction Acquaintance to the Player
Health Excellent
Level Star Level 4
Status Love to Scare other Sims
Location Tyler"s House of Horers


A boy that just wants some fun but never gets it. He searched his town for someone to play with but no one wants to be with him because he constantly tries to scare them.


Found in star level 4


  • Spooky
  • Fun


  • Cute


Task 1

  • Discription: I need somthing that will jump out at you!
  • Requirements: Jack-in-the-box with 5 thorn.
  • Hint: Even the most prettiest flower has thorns, but we're not talking about flowers, we're talking about spooky trees!
  • Thanking Dialogue: Ya, now I got somthing that just jumps at ya!

Task 2

  • Discription: I need things that go bump in the night! Give me them now!
  • Requirements: Dragon statue with 10 dragon, Monster statue with 10 black rose, Goblin statue with 10 scary.
  • Hint: The other day, I saw some dragons flying into a tree.
  • Thanking Dialogue: Ya, now this haunted house is almost complete!

Task 3

  • Discription: Hmm, I need something to hold all my nonalchoholic Bloodymary drinks.
  • Requirements: Refrigerator with 10 black apple.
  • Hint: Black apples grow in trees found in a cave at the desert, my favorite hiding spot!
  • Thanking Dialogue: Ya, now I could put all my drinks in their, incuding my jar of bloo- I mean tamaito juice.

Task 4

  • Now for the finishing toches!
  • Requirements: Fog machiene with 20 dead wood.
  • Hint: just keep jumping on tree stumps to get some dead wood
  • Reword: Bed- coffin blue print.
  • Thanking Dialogue: No my house of horors is complete! MUAHAHA! Sorry, I came over my self again.




  • Hotel Introduction:
  • Hi, i'm Tyler. I'm looking for a place that appreciates my spookieness.
  • Accept to move in:
  • Move in, okay, but be warned, I am very spooky.
  • Request For more stuff:
  • Hmm, this place isn't spooky enough, don't you think?
  • Star Level 4
  • Spooky things are everywhear! Just look around!
  • Don't you just love cralling up into a ball in the cornner?
  • My all time record for being in a coffin is 24 hourse!
  • Star Level 5
  • My favorite movies are in black and wight, because color is to cheery.
  • Man! I just love the smell of death!
  • I gues this tone is kinda spooky after all!
  • Best Freind
  • Wow, nobody has ever been this nice to me...
  • 'Best 'Freind Reword
  • Vampire suite


  • He tries to ignore that he likes DJ Candy and does not want to tell anyone.

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