Twitter Bat

Created by NinjaZane

MySims (Be MySim... Please?)

Twitter Bat

Twitter Bat(This picture looked good, up untill I had to color it... I hate coloring... I had to color it with crayon which made it even worse... I hate crayons... so now it looks horrible...)

Sin's faithful bat, Twitter, loves to fly around town night or day, even if it is flying in a cave most of the time. Strange little bat she is. She'll protect her dwelling by srceeching loudly at any intruder that isn't accompanied by Sin, or if it's someone she just doesn't like.

Twiter likes to play tricks as well, mostly on people she doesn't know. She finds the classic tap the shoulder on side then swoop to the other side to be quite funny.

MySims Kingdom (Parts 1 and 2)

In both parts of the MySims Kingdom stories, Twitter plays as a temp for Buddy's messenger pigeon, Guillermor. Mainy for night time messages and Spookane trips. When she is not on duty, she often flying around the kingdom seeing what there is to see. When Sin needs to send a message, she can call Twitter with a dog whistle. No matter where Twitter is, she can hear it, although... She seems pretty miffed after she gets the call.

One thing in My Past Mistakes, Twitter refuses to do and messenger pigeon work for anyone. Twitter is flying circles around the kingdom, as if she was following something.

MySims Agents

Twitter is just a harmless Bat at the Boudreaux Mansion, who's seen too much. While Sin is looking for clues, Twitter is constantly trying to get her attention, trying to tell her something. The guests at the mansion find her to be a pest. After awhile, Twitter gave up trying to get Sin's attention, but not ten seconds after she gives up, Sin gives Twitter the attention she was begging for. Twitter is very frustrated, and flys off. Later she joins Sin as a messenger "bird".

MySims SkyHeroes (My First Time for Flight)

Twitter plays as the middle man for all the different squads. She send any message or package, no matter who it is. She'll get very frustrated when the package is twice her size, and it takes her twice as long to deliver it. Other than that, Twitter finds herself caught up in Elizabeth's mess when Elizabeth starts following her around, Tin Town. Due to Twitter'f faithfulness, she keeps an eye out for Elizabeth till the end.


  • Twitter's original Name was "Tweety", based off a toy bat NinjaZane owns, but the toy is black with red eyes. She almost got stuck with the name "Wanda", which is another toy bat NinjaZane owns.

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