Trevor Verily is a man of theatre. He has blonde curly hair, wears classy clothes, has a little mustache and a hat with feather to top it all off. He absolutely loves acting and plays. He can be quite dramatic as one can expect and dedicates his time to acting and putting on shows, plays, and dramas for his audience. He owns his own troupe, the Trevor Verily's Dramatic Troupe, located in your town, Trevor Island, the town that hosts festivals and Speedville. He not only acts, but he also writes, directs and produces plays. He was one of the people present at Cyrus Boudreaux's dinner party. He appears in MySims Galaxy and MySims: Build Your Life!.

Role in Games


  • Trevor seems to be based off of William Shakespeare.
  • Trevor tends to talk to a skull in the games, like how Hamlet talks to Yorik's skull in Shakespeare's Hamlet.
  • Trevor occasionally will say a Simlish version of the famous line "To Be or Not To Be" from Shakespeare's play Hamlet.
  • Trevor is the only character from Trevor Island to appear in MySims Racing.
  • Trevor is the only male Studious Commercial Sim.
  • Trevor's worst fear is unweeded gardens. But, in MySims Party (DS) he is afraid of dentists.

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