Travis is a blonde young man with a good heart, loves to party and have fun, and is always up-to-date with the newest cell phones. He was a student at The Royal Academy and went on becoming a chief executive officer, although now retired, at a party supplies company, then becoming an interviewer/photographer for a racing magazine. He appears in MySims Galaxy, MySims Fusion, Erip Mav Saga: TBotE, MySims: Build Your Life!, MySims Agents 3, MySims 3, MySims Action, MySims Super Spiez!, MySims Islanders, MySims, MyLife and MySims Finish Line.

Role in Games


  • In Travis's house in MySims Party (where his minigame takes place), there are posters of DJ Candy "Supergroove" and Annie Radd up on the walls, which could suggest he has romantic feeling towards them.
  • Travis's worst nightmare is that there is the most amazing phone in the world, but he can't get it.
  • In MySims Agents, if you send Travis on one of Makoto's dispatch missions, he will reveal that he is currently in high school, meaning that his age is probably somewhere in between 14 and 18. Likely, this would make the other Royal Academy students, Summer, Liberty, and Chaz, high school students as well.
  • In MySims he admits he has a crush on Annie Radd, DJ Candy "Supergroove", and Ginny.
  • In MySims Agents when Travis is on the phone he says words similar to, "Oh no she didn't!"
  • Travis could possibly be British, due to his shirt portraying the Union Jack, and the fact that he gives the player a soccer blueprint in MySims. Soccer, known as Football in Europe, is popular in Britain.
  • Travis could be a parody of Mark Zuckerberg since they both are CEOs of companies. Travis, however, said he was retired, and Mark is not.
  • Travis appears in The Sims 4, along with Liberty and Summer.
    • Also, his surname is given as Scott.
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