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Tim (also known as "Timmy" or "Timothy") Sweet is a blue-haired, green-eyed boy dressed in blue overalls and wears a dog hat who loves animals and is even a zookeeper on an island. He is a talented racquetball player and loves to have matches with others. He's also a big fan of Chaz McFreely.

Roles In Games


  • Rosalyn P. Marshall is Tim's aunt and Helen is Tim's grandmother.
  • MySims Agents is the first game for Tim to appear on the Wi as normally, he only appears in the DS games. Also, Tim is the first character to be introduced in a DS game to be a character in a Wii game, along side Ewan. This is followed by Martin (MySims SkyHeroes), Helen (MySims BusHeroes), Lily (MySims Galaxy), Elizabeth (MySims, MyLife), Margaret (MySims Islanders), Amy, Emily, Hawk, Emma and Dr. Nefario (MySims CityLife), and Abel, Ashley and Dean (MySims Police Force).
  • In the mobile version of MySims, instead of Tim, he is called Timmy.
  • Tim has dark blue hair in all the games except MySims Agents where he has light blue hair (despite his character icon having dark blue hair).
  • Tim mentions King Roland during his candy test in MySims Agents DS.
  • Tim makes a cameo appearance in the "MySims Kingdom DS" minigame Dream Card.
  • In MySims Party 4 Tim hosts a minigame called "Find the Ingredients."
  • Tim wears his MySims Kingdom outfit in the credits for MySims Agents DS.
  • MySims Racing (DS) is the only DS game in which Tim does not appear in.
  • Tim is one of the six Sims to not have a house in MySims Party DS.
  • In MySims 3 and MySims Police Force, Tim's last name is Marshall.
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