The Relentless Tunnels
is an unofficial name of a chain of islands in MySims Safari, with it's real name being the Ornament Skerry. The island beholds hundreds of tunnels connecting the nine islands featured within the chain. 

Appearance & Features

These rocky outlets, created by rising lava, three million years ago are home to the most complex tunnel system known to mankind, these tunnels known as the Vorsprung Durchgang (German for the Projection Passage) span over 200km and connect the furthest islet in the Ornament Skerry to the nearest. When arriving at the port, you notice there are no trees whatsoever. A hole is seen and a hut is featured next to a small barrel cactus. If you dare to venture down into the tunnels you will find yourself in a lit up corridor, going downwards. Water from the sea seeps through cracks in the walls and mice scurry frantically. There are many turn-offs and passages you can venture into and many sealed away, due to safety. The remains of a railway track can be seen throughout the way down.

At the bottom of the passage, what seems like a dead end appears. Do not be fooled as there is a right turn after that. This tunnel will take you into a chamber with books scattered around, indicating it could have been a base for someone earlier in time. On the sides of the walls, decorative graffiti brightens up the tunnels. Before the end of the corridor there are two turn-offs; one leading up and another leading further down. The one leading up takes you out on to the third island. This is where another house is situated. However on the passage leading down, there is a iron door, left unlocked. Looking in, it is a busy highway tunnel, obviously servicing two distant cities or civilizations. An overhanging sign says that it is 27 miles to The Royal City. If you continue to go down the corridor then it will lead you to an underground pool, full of lukewarm water, and a pipe labled Royal City Water Supply. This therefore explains that this one of the Royal City's water outlets.

The next tunnel, is much more open to nature. There is many grasses and weeds popping up out of the most unusual of places. There is also skylights to allow light to get in (and water at high tide). The corridor leads to the fourth and final islet. This islet is home to two houses, a school and a geyser from the lava below. However the second island has been blocked off due to a landslide. It is out of use but at night lights are still lit there.


  • Morcubus
  • Esma
  • Kira
  • Eliza
  • Saffron
  • Clayton
  • Taylor
  • Billy
  • Brandi

Bold: Works for MorcuCorp

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