The Red Rock Scrub
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Location The SimWorld
Owned by Rhonda, Finn and Emile
Sub-locations 13

The Red Rock Scrub is a location in MySims 2: Gone International. It is a parody to the Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia. The Red Rock Scrub is home to a large expance of characters including miners, tour guides, stunt devils and tourists. It also home to a sparse number of essences. There is lots of minor locations such as the Himajo Rocks, The Kaiserium Mine and the Shapo Mansion.


The Red Rock Scrub appears in the south-east of the map (as it does in the real life as well). It looks like a large rock in the middle of semi-desert. To get there you must get a helicopter from the Mountain Temple or a coach from the Kangaroo Harbour. 

Landmarks and Locations

Major Landmarks

The Rock- a large redstone rock in the middle of semi-desert.

The Himajo Rocks- Beautiful, tall rock pillars with flowers below them.

The Yijiji Cave- A rather large cavern just below the rock.

The Cranberry Fields- A small farmyard owned and operated by Finn just beyond the Ayre Lake.

The Ayre Lake- Small, Salt Lakes scattered by the Himajo Rocks

Major Locations

The Rock Plateau- The flat surface at the top of the rock- great views upon the other areas around.

The Lowlands- The area around the Rock, where you'll find the tourist stations and houses.

Routes Passage- A large ravine which can be accessed via the Mining Tunnels.

Minor Landmarks

The Shapo Mansion- A large mansion owned by Amile

Theitlre- Small Rock Pillars behind the Shapo Mansion.

The Shapo Mansion Vineyard- A large plantation of red grapes.

Minor Locations

The Mining Tunnels- An operative mine, mining for kaiserium and simisision.

The Occeen Waterfall- A huge waterfall going into the Routes Passage.

Token System

With each tour you demonstrate the more tokens you get. Tokens can be spent at any of the four Tourist Stations, at the cave and also at any shops or restaraunts in Kangaroo Harbour.


  • The Best Household (Marie & Lynx)
  • The Sharm El Sharien Hotel (Owned by MorcuCorp. Used by Tourists)
  • The Fuey Household (Rhonda)
  • The Synthic Household (Finn)
  • The Shapo Mansion (Amile)
  • The Cranberry Farm (Empty)


  • Marie (Paraglider/Stunt Double)
  • Lynx (Skydiver)
  • Rhonda (Tour Guide)
  • Finn (Tour Guide)
  • Rusty (Miner)
  • Amile (Miner)


  • Pinky
  • Elizabeth
  • Linda
  • Gordon


  • Red Rock
  • Kangaroo
  • Trash
  • Globe
  • Arrowhead
  • Simoleon
  • Spider
  • Fine China

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