The Greater Fortunite Stronghold, AKA, Abandoned City of Fortuniqa, is an area in MySims Safari. It is based around an old Tuscan-style town, that got abandoned during the Celestean Rise apocalyptic era

Appearance & Features

Star SPOILER WARNING!!! Plot and/or ending details follow.

The darkest island, visited constantly by mourners of the apocalyptic era. The oldest city in the kingdom; Fortuniqa was the capital of the kingdom until the Royal City was built. Upon arrival you can see that nature has been taken over the beautiful buildings. In the centre of the city is a colloseum, fully accessible into every room, there are hundreds of shops around the entire colloseum and a chapel behind the shops. Next to the chapel is a statue, with more shops surrounding it, this seems to be the town centre area of the town, where markets were held. Across from the square is a roman bath, shrouded with thorns. Next to the bath, was a wall, with a gate. Through the wall was a brick building, a cabin and a building made of green concrete. 

Back on the otherside of the wall, there is a hole. When entered, a library is visible. There are many corridors to many jail cells. There are marks on the walls labelling 'EX48->18DW' with the sign varying in directions of the arrow, which if you follow will lead to the Dark Warriors office and give you clues as to what they are doing. Huge barrels full of fortunite, which have been mined are found here and are protected by Dame Tilly, the knight.

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  • Madame Zoe Bordreaux
  • Sir Vincent Skullfinder
  • Dame Tilly Nevant, Knight of Royals

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