The Testing Grounds is where MorcuCorp does all their dirty deeds. Anything goes here, as the building is located deep in the middle of a dense forest, hidden away from any type of civilization. 

The facility stands no taller than a three-story building, the walls painted a dull white. Despite being in the forest, the building's outer walls are almost spotless. A large chain link fence encloses the area, barbed wire wrapped around the bottom and top of the fence to keep out (or keep in) any stray Sims. For extra protection, the fence is also electrically charged with enough power to knock out a large elephant. 

Only the most loyal MorcuCorp employees are allowed here. It's considered a high honor to work in the Testing Grounds, so any Sim that wants a decent living as a MorcuGrunt tries their hardest to end up here. Morcubus hand picks which Sims are worthy of the job, and rewards them properly once they're chosen. What they find inside is not always worth the reward, though.

Inside the building, different types of experiments are conducted, each weilding their own horrors. Sims of all ages are kidnapped from their homes, forced to act as guinea pigs for the tests. Not many of the test subjects exit, yet there has never been a report of a single passing in the vicinity. Only the employees and Morcubus know what becomes of these Sims, and they aren't so eager to give away the answer.

Access to employees is allowed in most of the Testing Ground's various rooms and vaults, but there is a small handful of rooms that absolutely no one is allowed to enter without the boss there. The individuals who do enter are, again, hand selected, the number being even smaller than those who work in the building. Once chosen, the Sims are forbidden from speaking about what occurs in said rooms, threatened with removal and possibly something worse if they do speak. Still to this day, not a single Sim has spoken about those rooms.

Lastly, the area is heavily guarded, the employees given strict orders to do away with anyone who strays too close. Getting inside without an invite is near impossible, but there have been rumors of an unguarded hole in one of the fences....

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