Terry Toymender is an old man with white hair and mustache and he is a toy-maker for a living. You may have met his son or his daughter.

Roles in Games


  • Terry seems to be based off of Santa Claus or Geppetto due to the fact that he is a jolly toy maker and has white hair and mustache and is also an old man.
    • Interestingly, he appears as Santa Claus in MySims: Build Your Life!.
  • Terry is one of the six exclusive Sims from the PC version of MySims.
  • The music in his toy store is the same music as the Cutopia Castle and Renée's Nature Preserve in MySims Kingdom. It is also used in MySims Racing (DS) while driving through the town.

Foreign Names

  • English: Terry Toymender / Santa Claus
  • Spanish: Tono
  • French: Maxime / Père Noël
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