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Taylor as she appears in Mysims
Name Taylor
Gender Female
Species Human
Location/Home Your town
Role Townie
Relations/Friends Tara-Best Friend

Kye-Somewhat enemy, crush Kaylee-Rival

Game Appearences Mysims
Star Level Level 4



A geeky and fun sim, it is unknown where Taylor came from but she will move into your town at level 4 or over. She claims to be a writer but is usually never seen writing, although she just says she likes to procrastinate. She can be found out and about in fun or geeky places (like Club Candy or Vic Vector's Arcade) during the day and usually at her house at night.


Taylor moves into your town at star level 4 as a townie sim.







Hotel Introduction:Hi there. My name's Taylor, I'm on vacation. Do you have any awesome games to play here?

Accept Move-In:Sounds good to me. As long as my house is pretty cool you can count me in.

After Building a House:Awesome! Now I have a place to crash and watch tv for a few hours. Not that I have a problem or anything...

Request For More Stuff:Hmm oh hi <player name>. I was just day dreaming. You know anything better to do?

Other Quotes:

"Oh hey hey <player name>! Guess, what---I accidently forgot to sleep again and I am soooo hyper. Haha-I feel weird all of a sudden..."

"You know what I noticed? I think Tara is crushing on Buddy. She wouldn't admit it when I asked her though."

"Hi again! So what've you been up to? I've just been lofing around, playing games, watching tv. It's a pretty easy lifestyle you know?"

"Um uh <player name> I was wondering are aliens real? I didn't believe in them but there was a special on tv and I'm just kinda freaked out at the moment..."

"ACK! A spider! Oh wait that's just a lint ball."

"Most people think of obsession as a bad thing. I think of it as something to do on the weekends."


-Taylor is easily afraid but doesn't seem to dislike the spooky essence. Why is unknown.

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