Spookane is a dark, spooky, eerie place where several residents reside, including Goth Boy in his house by the shore, Yuki in her gigantic abandoned castle, Zombie Carl in the graveyard which is situated in the swamp and Morcubus who resides in his manor. Grandma Ruthie also owns a cookie shop on the island, selling her cookies and hoping for successful business. Violet Nightshade used to live here, but missed her little sister Poppy, so she left to live with her in Cutopia, but now occassionally regrets her actions and wishes to move back.


  • "Spookane" may be a reference to Spokane, a city in Washington State of the United States.
  • Due to the fact that there is a giant abandoned castle, Spookane could have been ruled by royalty in past times, similarly to Capital Island and Cutopia.

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