Sir "Ace" Charles
Sir Charles
Name Sir "Ace" Charles
Home/Home Galaxy Raceway Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Racer
Family None

Sir "Ace" Charles appears in MySims Galaxy Wii. He is a racer who often hosts tournements in the Raceway Galaxy. He is the only resident, in the Raceway Galaxy, to host and participate in a tournament at the same time. When you get the Tuna essences, Sir Charles comes over and says that is the fastest fish in the galaxy. However,it is the only fish in the galaxy.


Let's get you trained up!

Objective: Get trained up, so you can participate in races.

Notepad Task Dialogue: Sir "Ace" Charles wants you to train up and race with him and the other residents here. Just ask Ginny to train you up, and you be ready to race in no time!

Notepad Task Completion Dialogue: Well done! Now your trained up, you can race with them. Go and conferm it with Sir "Ace" Charles.

A Top Three Championship

Objective: Compete in a championship and come in the top three.

Notepad Task Dialogue: You're in the next championship and need to come in the top three to pass on to the next round.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done! You time here is coming to an end. Will you miss it?


When you're working on another galaxy

  • It's good to have a new, fresh kid to race against us. Cause we're getting a little rusty.
  • Well, good luck on your missions, remember, we're rooting for you all the way!
  • Don't forget what we taught you about racing. It might save your life, you never know ...

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