Sim Valley City
Sim Valley City Map

No. of Characters: 23
No. of Buildings: 25
No. of Task: TBC
Level Unlocked: 0

Sim Valley City is a location in MySims Townies 2.

List of Characters

List of Buildings/Places

  • The Observatory
  • Elmira's House
  • Fire Station
  • Police Station
  • Patrick's House
  • Nicole's Boutique
  • Roger's Gym
  • Art School
  • Club Candy
  • Gino's Pizzeria
  • City Hall
  • City Park
  • Car Dealership
  • Evelyn's Apartment
  • Poppy's Flowers
  • The Diner
  • Watanabe Sushi
  • Gas Station
  • Chaz's Pad
  • Jenny's House
  • Rhonda's House
  • Your House
  • Your Workshop
  • Daryl's House
  • Subway Station

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