Shirley is a sweet hair stylist with a pink beehive hairdo, a leopard-print shirt covered by a blue apron and fishnet pantyhose. Shirley and Ms. Nicole Vogue are twin sisters and also rivals. She runs beauty salon in your town, the City, and Speedville. She appears in MySims Galaxy, MySims Stranded, MySims Fusion, and MySims: Build Your Life!.

Roles in Games


  • Although she does not appear as a character in MySims Kingdom, there is a figurine of her called Crocodile Shirley, which can be found by fishing in the Spookane swamp owned by Zombie Carl Weatherby. There also is MySims Kingdom concept art for Shirley, which raises the possibility that she was cut from the game. It hangs on a wall in Shirley's beauty salon in MySims Agents.
  • Derek Vogue is Shirley's nephew. This should technically make Ms. Nicole Vogue either his mother or aunt, the latter being more likely.
  • In MySims, MySims Party, and MySims Racing, Shirley has heart earrings, but in MySims Agents, Shirley has round earrings.
  • Although not confirmed, it is possible that Shirley's last name is Vogue, seeing as that is Nicole, her sister's, surname.
  • Shirley has Violet's voice type in every game she appears in, except MySims Agents, in which she has Lyndsay's voice type.
  • Shirley was unaware that it was Derek Vogue who set fire to Gino's.

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