Shibuto is an island (archipelago) in MySims Safari. It is the most secretive island and is home to the strangest creatures, whatever the shape or size, but many secrets remain unearthed.

Appearance & Features

This archipelago is a cluster of small islands linked together by mere stepping stones. The water surrounding the island is crystal clear and the sands are golden in colour. The trees on the island are huge sweeping banyans and the occasional pine. The view from the port is nothing much just tangling vines dangling from huge trees and tall grass. The port itself is made of only the finest wood, approved by the creatures on the island. On this first island, there are many statues towering high over the trees; tribal statues that are made of stone. There is also a wood cabin hidden away amongst the vines, up in a tree. This house belongs to the friendly elves, who crafted the bridge to the second island.

On the second island there is two houses; a small mud carved house shrouded by overgrown weeds and a house below the treeline, in which you must climb down through the trunk of a tree to access it. There is also an outlay of sharp pointed rocks tangled with brambles, at the top of these rocks there is one tree. It is a very small tree often visited by swallows and migratory parrots. A cave burries into the ground below the rocks, and goes in to an underwater chamber filled with cave paintings.

On the third island, a second port is based. A humongous tree is sat directly in the centre of an open field, the field littered with ground orchids. A house situated next to it, with roses climbing up the cobblestone wall and a beautiful thatched roof, obviously of English origin.


  • Clara Belle
  • Leaf
  • Petal
  • Hopper
  • Totoro


My Sims Kingdom Soundtrack- Evening HQ03:51

My Sims Kingdom Soundtrack- Evening HQ

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