Shade Forest is a location only in MySims Townies Wii. You first meet Chef Watanabe who is waiting by the monorail stop. He tells you how the forest is becoming a sad lonely place with few people left. Poppy runs a florists, Dr. F has a lab, Gertrude works with the local nature and Edwin and Maria live in the forest as amateur food critics. In order to boost interest in the forest, Chef Watanabe mentions that they built a stage - this is where Annie Radd can be found.


Map of Shade Forest

List of Characters

  • Chef Watanabe - Owns a sushi restaurant
  • Dr. F - Crazy scientist, owns a lab
  • Annie Radd - Rockstar, currently on tour in the forest
  • Poppy - Owner of a florists
  • Gertrude - Looks after wildlife in the forest
  • Edwin - Food critic
  • Maria - Resident, aspiring food critic

List of Buildings/Places

  • Stage & Backstage - Workplace of Annie Radd
  • Watanabe Sushi - Home to Chef Watanabe
  • Dr. F's Lab - Home to Dr. F/Workplace of Dr. F
  • Poppys's Florists - Workplace of Poppy/Home to Poppy
  • Edwin's House - Home to Edwin
  • Maria's House - Home to Maria
  • Gertrude's House - Home to Gertrude
  • Monorail Stop

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