Samurai Island is an island in MySims Kingdom. It has an asian setup and is named after the sim, Samurai Bob.(who does live there) The setup is similar to Trevor Island.



Figurine Area Of Figurine Flower/Area
Star Figurine In a chest behind Chef Watanabe's place. Pointed Star/Found on the left corner of Chef Watanabe's place.
Slumber Party Roger Prospecting
Master Aran Figurine

Completing Master Aran's additional quests.


Boat Conversation

Lyndsay: Samurai Island is next on our itinerary. This sounds like an asian place.

Buddy: Neat! If we go to the sushi bar, I want some sushi.

Lyndsay: The only roll I've seen you eat was the Seaweed Salad.

Buddy: So, I'm sure they'll have a jumbo crab roll.

Lyndsay: Buddy, Buddy, Buddy...

Opening Cutscene

(you, Buddy, and Lyndsay walk off the dock)

Samurai Bob: (walks forward) Ni-Hao my friends!

Buddy: Don't you people speek english?

Lyndsay: That means "hello" in chinese, Buddy.

Samurai Bob: Indeed it does! Welcome to Samurai Island! I'm Samurai Bob, the almost-master of the Swordless Bushido.

Buddy: Is there anything we can help with? 

Samurai Bob: Yes. That man on Spookane, Morcubus had attacked last night. It was a sorrow thing to have been done.

Lyndsay: Well, (player name) is here to help! He's a wandolier.

Samurai Bob: That's good news! First, I'll need you to go talk to Hisao and Sachiko. They're waiting for you.

Lyndsay: I guess we'll go look for them.

Buddy & Lyndsay Dialogue

What Buddy Says During The Day: Think Chef Watanabe will give me some free sushi?

What Buddy Says At Night: Even at night, I can still smell sushi in the air.

What Lyndsay Says During The Day: I'd love to learn some sim-fu. Butter would probably freak out though.

What Lyndsay Says At Night: Buddy keeps complaining to me of the smell of sushi. I guess he's a bottom-less pit after all.

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