Ryan Jase
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Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Hispanic
Level 9
Location Twinkle Hills

Ryan Jase is a teenage guy who's on the good side. He's Fun and Geeky, disliking Spooky.


Ryan Jase is the teenage twin of Travis. He has two older brothers, Buddy and Pablo. He also has a younger brother, Kris, who can travel through time/space with Mana. Ryan uses Tiger essences to fight, and can literally transform completely into a tiger. He's very kind and never starts a fight. He takes Sim Fu, and he is on the good side. He has a crush on DJ Candy, and visits Club Candy quite often.


Ryan wards off Morcucorp in most battles, but other enemies, such as other Mana-Weilders, are prone to him. He cannot defeat a Mana-Weilder, but he can come close (They always redo the battle, like, a week later). H He also has an evil pet lizard that is a big deal in one of the Agents games.


Basicly, you have to overpower him. Any gem (Garnet, Topaz, etc.) or Spooky essence will do. Ryan, however, has healing abilities, so to even knock him out could take from one minute to days, depending on how much energy he has.


"Eye of the Tiger: Transform!"- When he turns into a Tiger. "Eye of the Tiger: <attack name>"- When he attacks. "All is fair in love and war"- When someone thinks he's not being fair, although he is...


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