Roland is usually a king although in some fanon games, he plays other roles, such as in Buddy's Racing Story, he is a racing teacher. He's always a jolly old, cupcake loving, Sim, though. He loves his family dearly except his evil twin brother Snoland and his daughter Winter.

Roles in Games


  • According to the DS version of MySims Kingdom, Roland is 83 years old.
  • When giving the Battle Suit Roland Figurine, Vic Vector tells you that it was made to commemorate one of the greatest disasters of time. Dr. F invented Roland a new "battle suit" so that Roland could protect his kingdom with it. However, the invention failed, and a disaster started. Marlon had to do everything to calm down the disaster, and ever since then, Roland has ironically been obsessed with cupcakes. Vic Vector says no one is sure if it is because of faulty Dr. F science, or a mere coincidence.
  • Roland's eyes are light blue as seen on the cover of MySims Kingdom for the Wii. However, it is rare to see his eyes open in the game as he always has them "closed", though he opens them when in shock/surprise, sadness, or anger. Also strangely, in the DS version for MySims Kingdom, he has light gray eyes.
  • In MySims Kingdom for the DS, Roland says "I wonder if Lyndsay, Buddy and their friend..." when your town is destroyed at the beginning of the game, which is a reference to the Wii version of MySims Kingdom.
  • Roland might be based off Roland, a Frankish general, or Wizards of Waverly Place's wizard school's headmaster, for slight resemblance and love of cupcakes (though the headmaster likes muffins.... ) and came later.
  • At the end of the wandolier trials, when Butter comes last, Roland mentions that he knows some elves. This is likely referring to Petal and Leaf of The Forest of the Elves.
  • Roland is the only new character in MySims Kingdom to appear in any MySims Party game.
  • Roland was originally going to appear in MySims Agents 4 but was cut for an unknown reason.
  • He has a wife named Noel.
  • His sister in-law is Helen.
  • He has 3 children Butter, Holli, & Rosalina.
  • He has 4 nieces Rosalyn, Ellen, Margaret & Winter.
  • He has a great-nephew named Tim.
  • He has a evil twin brother named Snoland.
  • He has a unknown brother or sister in-law that the mother or father of Rosalyn.

Foreign Name

  • English: King Roland
  • Dutch: Koning Ruben
  • Spanish: Rey Raimundo
  • French: Roi Roland (in MySims Kingdom) Maire Roland (MySims: Build Your Life!)
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