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The Reward Island  is given to you by King Roland once you have reached all Five King Points and made everyone in the kingdom happy. After visiting the Capital Island at King Points Level 5 and watching the Credits, the island is available for you to visit at any time you wish. The credits also take place on this island as its one giant dance party with every person in the kingdom attending it. The island's layout is reminiscent of the Isle of Magic. Marlon enchanted the island so that your wand will not require the use of Mana to build anything. If you put a building with a door on the lot and go inside, it will have the same style of King Roland's castle and Duchess Beverly's castle (with a throne room and 2 small side rooms on the right). You can place the Essence Flowers and Figurines you've collected during your journey throughout the kingdom, and putting them on the island will not take anything from your current inventory. You may also use the special pieces of furniture such as the rocket from Rocket Reef, Leaf's guitar from Forest of the Elves and tomato plants from Cowboy Junction as well, and you can place these special furniture on islands other than your own. The island's name will be whatever your character's name is and the word "island" (ex: Ike's Island).

Game Appearances


    • This, along with Capital Island, is the only island without a fishing spot.
    • With the exception of the Isle of Magic, this is the only island not in the travelogue.
      • Although, Marlon teleports the player, Princess Butter and Barney Cull there, leaving no need for the travelogue anyway.
    • For some reason, the residents of the Uncharted Isle don't appear to dance during the credits.
    • This island is the only island that you can't plant trees on.

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