Becky image
Rough drawing of Becky
Vital statistics
Title Becky
Gender Girl
Race Human
Location Mysims Academy

Rebeca, or Becky as most people call her, is a very kind girl. She is a tomboy, but does have some girlish qualities. She will sometimes have a short temper when it comes to bullies. She so far only appears in MySims Academy


Born as the second child, she was made to live up to the standard of her older sister, Vanessa. While Vanessa was extremely smart and strong, Rebeca was average and was always left in Vanessa's shadow. However, unlike her sister, she was very kind and was able to make lots of true friends unlike Vanessa's, that were scared into being with her.


Becky is the first person your character will meet in Mysims Academy. She will travel with you for the whole game.


Rebeca has mid-long, wavy, brown hair, in the same style as Renée, light skin and blue eyes. Her outfit often changes, depending on the current event.


"Hi -player name-! I think I'm starting to do well in Science... Beat that Vanessa!... Then again, thats probably 'caus I didn't blow up the class room like Dr F did..."


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