Raven Wright is a spooky girl who loves the darkness and claims to be "sister of the night". She is stoic and doesn't seem to get joy out of anything unless it's dark or spooky. She also is the leader of the Spectre Squadron in MySims SkyHeroes. Raven has two sisters, Marcelena and Haven.

Roles in Games


  • In MySims SkyHeroes, Raven has lipstick when in the other games, she doesn't.
  • In MySims (Mobile), Raven's skin is paler and her hair is black when in the other games, she has red hair and darker skin.
  • Oddly, she fights against MorcuCorp in MySims SkyHeroes and MySims Police Force but works with it in other games.
  • Her hair in MySims Stranded is a bun, but her icon shows her with her hair in a braid.
  • In MySims Police Force, she is the only recruit (not counting the MorcuCorp hostages) to not have a dispatch mission.
    • She is also the only one to be recruited in the middle of a cutscene.

Foreign Name

  • English: Raven Wright.
  • Spanish: Angustias Corominas.
  • French: Capucine.

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