Queen Beebee, who used to be Princess Beebee, is now a queen! She moves to your town when it is at the first level. She is a commercial sim and is the only sim with 6 tasks.


As queen! She follows her rituals! The bunnies follow her orders and bow to her.


  • Cute
  • Tasty


  • Spooky


Task 1

Description: Where is my throne? Everybody who is royalty needs a special throne to sit on!

Requirements: Throne with 10 Happy

Reward: Decorative - Bunny

Hint: Be nice to my loyal subjects! They will drop happiness... from the heart!

Thanking Dialogue: Everybody loves a good throne! You are now my little subject!

Task 2

Description: Waah! I'm hungry! Must eat vegetables! Argh!!!! Requirements: Fridge with 10 Carrot, Stove with 6 Apple, Chair with 6 Happy, Table with 5 Yellow Blossom

Reward: Decorative - Carrot Basket

Hint: I discover little essences in my Kingdom! There is a lot around the garden!

Thanking Dialogue: Yay! *Munch* Yummy! Thank you, little subject! Now you are Subject!

Task 3

Description: Bunnies need to sleep! But I hate TILE floors! A bed would be bunnylicious!

Requirements: Bed with 10 Carrot

Reward: None

Hint: I like digging for food in gardens! But it gets me mucky!

Thanking Dialogue: Night night! I now promote you to... Lucky Subject

Task 4

Description: What if someone steals one of my stuff? I need a trap net!

Requirements: Trap Net with 5 Puppet Essence and 24 Tuna

Reward: Trap Net - Bunny Blueprint and Decorative - Princess Beebee Picture

Hint: I saw people and bunnies fishing and digging in a strange place where sims meet!

Thanking Dialogue: Woo-hoo! No more robbers in my house! I promote you to Local Subject!

Task 5

Description: I love coffee! So can I drink some! BUT IT NEEDS 5lb of carrots!

Requirements: Coffee Machine with 17 Mug and 4 Heart

Reward: None

Hint: Hmmmm... I dunno!

Thanking Dialogue: *sip* Delicious! THANK YOU! I promote you to Local Subject 2.

Task 6

Description: I need a pathway for me to walk! And Benches!

Requirements: Royal Pathway with 18 Crown, 5 Carrots and 7 Cake, Bench with 6 Carrot, Bench with 4 Kitten and 2 Purple Crayon, Bench with 4 Sunflower and 2 Garnet, Bench with 6 Rose and Flower Vase with 4 Plum Blossom and 4 Rose

Reward: Beebee's Pathway- Victorian Blueprint

Hint: I love hunting for food, carrots and roses and flowers! So check my biography! I has everywhere I find stuff.

Thanking Dialouge: OHHH! My castle is complete! Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are promoted to Loyal Subject!


Hotel Introduction

  • Make way for the Bunny Queen, Queen Beebee! Hi, little bunny person.

Accept Move-In

  • Lovely! Not bad for a little bunny person!

After You Build House

  • Hmm, I feel it's COOL! Bunnies are coming to see me!

Request For More Stuff

  • I feel my castle needs more stuff! I mean! Queen's are rich!

Star Level 1

  • Perfect! A little town so I can relax!

Star Level 2

  • I'm feeling bunny people coming! Woo-hoo! I'm a strict vegetarian and I never eat meat!

Star Level 3

  • Can I take your services, Subject?
  • I love this town! It's cool!
  • Have you heard of Mayor Zain? He works with MorcuCorp! THAT IS BAD!

Star Level 4

  • I think we can be a 5 Star Town again! Thanks to you!

Star Level 5

    • sip* This coffee is lovely! Thank you for your help! *sip*
  • Somebody told me, "Karma, what goes around, comes around!"" Have you heard of that saying?
  • You can be a bunny person someday! Good for you!
  • I love carrot ice cream, do you?

Best Friend


Best Friend Reward

  • Beebee's Outfit- Pink
  • Beebee's Outfit- Green
  • Beebee's Outfit- Original

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