Professor Nova
Professor Nova Talk
Name Professor Nova
Home/Home Galaxy Lunar Lab Galaxy
Species Human
Group None
Role Star Scientist
Family None

Professor Nova appears in MySims Galaxy (Wii). She is the Lunar Lab's owner. She works with Billy, Fred and Makoto studying stars, and with Brownie in the library, and Dr. F with experiments. She considers them all good friends, even though Dr. F is usually getting on her nerves, and causing numerous problems. She allows Billy to leave her and join the Sim-Brigade but starts crying and hugging him as if she was her son.


Paper Panic: The Race

Objective: Collect all thirty sheets of paper that Dr. F blasted out of the window, with-in the time limit.

Notepad Task Dialogue: Dr. F has blasted all the important paperwork out of the window. You need to go and collect as quickly as possible.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Now you've retrieved all the paperwork, the lab's back in business. Well done!

The Newest Plans

Objective: Carry the blocks from the lab to the launch site.

Notepad Task Dialogue: Poor Professor Nova's starting to get old and can't help carry the blocks down to the pad. So, your task is to carry them down to the launch site.

Notepad Task Conclusion Dialogue: Well done. You've made Professor Nova's day! Now, I wonder what they're gonna make from it ... I think I might know!

Reward: Her hair style.


When working on another galaxy

  • Cancer is a lucky sign to be around now. The stars say so.
  • Are you a three and seven? What?! You don't know what I mean! Nevermind ...

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