Poppy is one of the five people, along with one of her sisters, Violet Nightshade, to have stayed in the town you move into. She owns the local flower shop. Poppy also lives in a cute, little house on Cutopia and takes care of her garden. In Speedville and in the town that holds festivals, she owns a flower shop, as well as a flower stand in the park on Main Street in the City.

Roles in Games

Foreign Names

  • English: Poppy
  • Dutch: Fleur


  • Poppy has brown hair in some games and black hair in others.
  • Poppy appears in her green dress and brown hair in a beta shot for MySims Agents.
  • Poppy's talk icon for MySims Agents shows her with brown hair due to the icon being made when she had brown hair in the game and the color of her hair was never changed. Also in one of the cutscenes at the Boudreaux Mansion when she was shown as a baby, her hair was brown.
  • Poppy's task "Chez Cuteness" may be a reference to the restaurants Chez Cora or Chez Panisse.
  • Poppy and her sister Violet Nightshade seem to be nothing alike, as Poppy like freshly-bloomed flowers whereas Violet likes dead, emaciated flowers.
  • In the intro of MySims, her shop has a pink door and a flamingo in the yard. However, during gameplay, her shop has a green door and no flamingo in her yard.
  • Poppy's last name is unknown, but there are two, though unconfirmed, possibilities, which are: Nightshade and Flowers.
  • Mayor Skip Rogers says in MySims Agents that Poppy is beating him in popularity meaning she may have an interest in politics, or he was just over-reacting.
  • In MySims, both Male and Female players, could get her eye style, but now only female players can get it. It's ironic, because most male sims have her eye style now.
  • Poppy's dog, Dogwood is named after the plant, a dogwood.
  • When you give Poppy her hat in MySims Apartment Life (DS), she only wears it the day you got her it.

Foreign Name

  • English: Poppy
  • Dutch: Fleur
  • French: Eglantine
  • Spanish: Amapola
  • Hindi: पोस्ता
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