"Plane Champs" is a videogame created by Vic Vector during the events of "MySims Malice". It's an online game but Sims need to link up their MMO Boy, MMO, FBOX 360, FStation 3, Fii, or FC. The game only has 3D animation. You play as a plane, and you'll have to destroy the city, and destroy the powerful eye! You could create your city, and let online players join and attack your city! The game will consist of any player online. It's your city, it's your destiny to destroy it!

Maximum Occupancy for each city

There is no Maximum Occupancy, so any player can destroy each city!

How to get a videogame system

It's easy! You'll get it at Vic's Awesome Arcade!

How to link up "Plane Champs" online

You must buy a videogame system in order to link up "Plane Champs" online. After you buy the system, you go to the heroes's house, and hook it up on the computer. But you have to start up the computer, hook the game wires on the computer, then wait for a message that says, "Please link up with your account on your (videogame system) user name." You will have to link up with your account. A tip is shown that you will have to use your magnifying glass. You must find the account on your magnifying glass on the bottom. Then after that, type your account, and get ready to play!


Many videogamers know that "Plane Champs" is the sequel to "Plane vs. Eye", but online.

This game is a reference to "SimCity", but you will have to destroy the city with planes.

Rob Jarrett declares that the game is a #1 hit after a Videogame Hit Declaration Tournament at Sim Electronic Music Hall from New Sim City.

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