Penny-Ling is a panda in MySims Safari. She is Tilly's pet. She can usually be found wandering around the city of Fortuniqa. When talked to Penny-Ling will simply say Mee-ang-toooo!!. Once you leave get into your boat when you finish all requests on the island, Penny-Ling will hop into your boat with you, as if to say "Can I come too?". This leads to you having to leave your boat to ask Tilly if it is OK for Penny-Ling to leave with you and Yuna.


  • Penny-Ling is also a character in the TV series Littlest Pet Shop.
  • Her character was derived from the Tofu Cute design of a panda.
  • She was raised in the Royal City, this being the reason why she wants to come with you to the Royal City; to see her parents who live with Ikara. This also reveals that Ikara may or may not be a panda enthusiast.
  • Her favourite food is tofu, in relation to her design being based off tofu cute.
  • Penny-Ling is one of the only animals to have a profile: she hates studious but loves cute and food. 
  • In the end credits Penny-Ling can be seen with her family eating Ikara's noodles.

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