Pearl Hall is the centre of operations for the Sim Protection Agency (S.P.A.). It appears in MySims CityLife and is located in Almond Hills among an expansive pine wood forest. It looks a lot like a log cabin on the exterior with small arched windows, a redwood door and a short chimney. On the inside it is a hall with a reception where generally no body sits. Behind the reception counter is a door leading to an office with papers and documents scattered throughout the room, with an elevator in the north west. The elevator leads to a secret basement full of high-tech spyware including satellite control systems, surveillance cameras and what seems to look like a cooling system. The hall also features three vintage arcade game systems, a stove, five desks (each with a laptop, a pencil and a laminator), a printer and a shredder each carefully placed in places that abide the feng shui laws.


Vic Vector - Rosalyn Marshall - Natalia Roshmonav - James Bond - Joshua Benson

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