Oyster Bay is an island in MySims Safari. It is a small fishing village overlooking the Western Isles, which happen to be deserted. The island specializes in fishing and pearl farms including black pearls from the the Western Isles.

Appearance & Features

The Island is the 2nd smallest in MySims Safari but is one of the most intricate. When approaching the island, you can see the top of a snow-capped mountain in the distance. The island's beach is surrounded with palm trees but as you get closer you can make out banyan trees in the background. There is three rigid rocks west of the island: the Western Isles, which seem to be littered with crawling plants and creepers. 

On the island, there is a torii gate to enter the village. There is a pagoda and many surrounding huts circling three tall rocks. One smaller than the other two. There is a jasmine bush beside each hut and a plaque on each house, showing the details of the person who lives there. There is also a cave behind the hut and the cave leads to an underwater sanctuary of life; shadows of koi can be seen circuling the pool. A broken pillar is inside. A tablet labels the words 'Waache Bure'. 


  • Chef Hisao Watanabe- Chef
  • Sachiko Watanabe- Fisherwoman
  • Yuna Watanabe- Explorer
  • Jimmy- Pearl Farm Upkeeper


My Sims Soundtrack - Sushi 2-000:36

My Sims Soundtrack - Sushi 2-0


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