Orange Yoda appears in Star Level 3 in the Snowboard Mountain! He is a competitive racer and will always be first no matter what from Lap 1 all the way to Lap 4! He has a few tasks, one: collect all of the Orange Soda cans on the road, second: take him to Mayor Zain to discuss new races for the DS Version, last: Race him, one-on-one! He then moves to Koko's Isle!

Orange Yoda

MySims Racing 2

Role Competitive Racer
Areas 1. Raceville
2. Snowboard Mountain
3. Koko's Isle




Task 1

  • Explanation: Oh no! My favourite Orange Soda cans have fell all over the road! Quickly fetch 'em!
  • Reward: Orange Soda- Spoiler, Professional Steering

Task 2

  • Explanation: I'm thinking of new races around Town, maybe Mayor Zain could call someone to build some new racetracks!
  • Reward: Orange Yoda's Race Car,

Task 3

  • Explanation: Up to a challenge? Race me... one-on-one around Raceville's longest track: Bonnyville Mountain! Ready?
  • Reward: Gold Medal


Koko's Isle

  • I still can't believe you beat me! I am a straight pro. and I have been defeated! Lucky you!
  • It's crazy how a cat can buy a humungous place like this! Don't you think?
  • Good luck in your future races! You are truly a fabulous racer, [player name]!

Snowboard Mountain

  • Did you hear? Chaz McFreely lives here! I really wanna meet him!!
  • MorcuCorp nearly stole my car, but now they have no chance... Security System and Invisibility Ray, isn't that awesome!?

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