Orange Yoda
OY, as he appears in "MySims: The Adventures of Orange Yoda"

Orange Yoda's character info

Location MyTown
Role Protectee,
Interest Geeky

Orange Yoda has a natural gift, being able to hack into any mechanicle object through his mind. Once Morcubus finds out, he knows he can harness his power to rule the world. However, once Orange Yoda finds out, he knows he should tell the S.I.M. Protection Agency for help. Along his journey, OY and his friend Vic Vector find out clues on what is really happening, Morcucorp is building a giant Nightmare Crown that is going to bring the whole world into the Nightmare Realm, so Morcubus and his minions can build a new world (similar to Team Galactic's job from Pokemon Platinum version). The only thing Morcubus needs is a hacker, to get it working faster.

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