Gabriel, better known as Ol' Gabby, is an old blacksmith, as well as a mechanic and owns a racing school in Speedville. He also owns a scrap dump in the Industrial District, which is watched over by his watchdog Grit and where he often argues with Barney Cull. Gabby is working with SkyForce in MySims SkyHeroes as a mechanic.

Roles in Games


  • Ol' Gabriel was once a Royal Wandolier, but one of the ones who have retired. Vic Vector tells you this after you give him the Ol' Gabriel Figurine.
  • Ol' Gabriel claims that his Granny is a much better racer than you are and that she's 112 years old.
  • Gabriel's ridiculous speech patterns seem to be based off the Looney Toons character, Yosemite Sam.
  • In The Sims 3: Late Night there is a poster of Gabriel inside the movie theatre.
  • Ol' Gabriel tells you that "Ol' Gabriel enjoyed his ol' time as a racer" in MySims Galaxy (Wii) indicating he recognizes his time as a racer in MySims Racing.
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