Odin is a rock star who excels on the guitar. He has long blonde hair and a blonde goatee. He wears a red and black netted shirt and jeans. He usually talks about the Norse god Odin and his favorite band is "Nothin' But Drums". He appears in MySims: Build Your Life! (Wii) and MySims: MorcuWorld.

Role in Games


  • "Nothin' But Drums", Odin's favorite band, was the experimental rock band that Elmira Clamp's father was lead drummer in.
  • Odin makes cameo appearances in MySims Racing cheering on the star racer.
  • Odin was supposed to be in MySims Agents but was taken out for some reason.
  • Odin is one of the six Sims to not have a house in MySims Party DS.
  • Odin makes several references to the Norse God, Odin, and may have been named after him.
  • Odin is similar to Vic Vector because their eyes are similar, they both have long hair and a beard, and both of their last names mean "rotate."
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