OY Games is a company who specializes in making (fanon) video games.

List of Employees

If you want to join, please leave a message on Orange Yoda's talk page.


If you have a company, and join OY Games, it will become a subdivision.

  • Racing the RacerGo to Race alongside famous characters from the Mario series in this action packed racing game!
  • Operation System ShutdownGo to When all others fail, one shall rise. The end is near.
  • Be the Hero!Go to Find out how legends are made! Follow the events of Orange Yoda, in this MySims Agents-esque game.
  • Mission Activated!Go to Become a spy! Learn about MorcuCorp's plans. Take'em by surprise!
  • It's Party Time Again!Go to Join the party! Have some fun! Bring your friends!
  • Universal HeroGo to You're a hero, now you have to prove it. Save the universe from Morcubus and his minions!

List of Games


OY Games is a company that makes video games. Due to being a "fake" video game developer, many games are fake, bad and can be downright horrible at times. OY Games has many branches, including an Everything Bagel Branch and it's base of operations, the Mario Fanon Branch.


OY Games acknowledges the original creators of whatever characters the company is using. The credits for this wiki are:

  • The Sims, MySims and all related characters, names, logos and locations © EA Games
  • Super Mario, Mario Party and all related characters, names, logos and locations © Nintendo
  • Custom Sims, logos, names and locations © OY Games


Please do not steal anything from the company, as all of it is copyright OY Games, excluding the credits above. Various stealing purposes can result in being punished. (not really) However, if anyone uses any characters, logos, and/or locations with permission, that is OK.

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