Noelle Belle
Noelle (MySims Ghost Hunters Part 1) image
Clara's twin sister, Noelle
Vital statistics
Title N/A
Gender Female
Race N/A
Faction N/A
Health 1, 0 after the first cutscene of Mission 37
Level 0
Status Cookie maker
Location Grandma Ruthie's Cookie Factory, The Belle House (after Mission 31)

Noelle is a girl who loves cookies. She is Clara Belle's sister, but she actually doesn't like her of her becoming "cute". She is also a worker and a cookie maker at her Grandma's cookie factory. She apparently hates You, Violet, Ray, Goth Boy, and mostly, Luis.


Noelle dreams to make a cookie, that is pure 100% doughless! How could she make that?! Could she get paid 1,000,000 simoleons for this?!

Interests: 6 Charisma (Tasty and Cute), No Athletic,(Fun)or Paranormal (Spooky)


It's possible that you can punch, kick, or slap Noelle since she is very mean. If you do that, she'll be on the floor, whimpering, "I HATE YOU, STUPID WIMPS!!!", put a thumb on her finger, whine for her parents, and cry like a baby. If you hit her so many times, the police alert bar will increase, and polices will try to arrest you.


  • "What's it to ya, Wimp?"
  • "Ray, you're just a Dork. A dork who is like a downer and a deep for cookies." (To Ray)
  • "Violet, dead flowers are dreadful! You think dead flowers are pretty? Well I don't think so!" (To Violet)
  • "Herman hates cookies! Herman hates cookies!" (To Goth Boy. A taunt to Goth Boy)
  • "(player name), you don't deserve to be the hero of this city!" (To You)


  • Since her appearance is like Clara's, she is the sister of Clara.
  • It was revealed that Noelle's middle name is actually, "Belle", since she is sisters of Clara.
  • Noelle is the first resident to be murdered by Ghosts.
  • In Part 2, she was mentioned by Luis.
  • In Part 1, Luis actually saw Noelle's body, and he writes the story of her body and what happened.

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