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is a small town that appears in the start of MySims Mystery. This is the town You live in, and you have many friends here. There are five buildings and six businesses. There is the town hall owned by Skip Rogers, there is a flower store owned by Poppy, A potion stand owned by Wendalyn, a Club owned by Sandra, a Ice Cream store owned by Roxie Road and a restaurant owned by Chef Gino.


Buddy MSM Icon Conna MSM Icon Derek MSM Icon Evelyn MSM Icon Jenny MSM Icon
Roxie MSM Icon Poppy MSM Icon Skip MSM Icon Wendalyn MSM Icon


  • The town hall, owned by Skip
  • Poppies, Violets and Nightshades Companies Inc., owned by Poppy
  • Wonder Potions, owned by Wendalyn
  • Club Matrix, owned by Sandra
  • Bee's Icecream, owned by Roxie Road
  • Gino Restaurants Inc., owned by Chef Gino


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