Neverand is an island in MySims Safari. It is the relics of what once was a nuclear power plant. Destroyed in an explosion sixteen years ago, the Neverand Nuclear Power Plant polluted the area with radioactive smoke and destroyed the surrounding ecosystem.

Appearance & Features

On approach to the island, the outline of the former cooling towers appear just over the horizon. As you get closer you begin to work out the shape of a building beside the relics, it is a blue glass building with a red roof. A symbol can be seen just above the double doors of the building. Upon arrival at the island you see rats scurrying around, running in to different holes, but they all vary in features, some have two tails, others have three eyes. When you set foot on the black sand of Neverand, a figure comes out of nowhere and threatens you to turn around. Nevertheless you push past him and walk up to the relics. The cooling tower is huge and every now and then bats swoop past you. Inside the old monitors room, the carcasses of many people lay dead on there chairs. These were the ones that never made it out.

Beyond the plants derelict towers there is a building, with the logo above showing a picture of the peace sign burning. Inside there is ice cubes the size of a human, and a hole underneath them, through the hole is a room, where many cherene crystals are. There is also hundreds of flies buzzing around in this chamber. Very few inhabit the island, but people do have to keep it in shape.


  • Dankato- Ice Worker
  • Preston- Ice Worker
  • Dragomir- Ice Worker
  • Svetlana- Operative 
  • Selena- Operative

Bold= Works for The Black Warriors


My Sims Soundtrack - Haunted House 100:29

My Sims Soundtrack - Haunted House 1

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