Natalia is a studious agent working undercover for an organization called S.I.M. exepct in MySims Life Stories. She is very cryptic, refusing you to know much information about herself. She also seems to just know many secret things, and even knows you by your name already when she first meets you. She appears in MySims Fusion, MySims Galaxy, MySims: Build Your Life! and MySims Agents 4: The Cutopian Crime.

Role in Games


  • Natalia appears only in MySims (PC) as one of the 6 exclusive new characters.
  • Natalia may have been a hint to the MySims game MySims Agents.
  • Natalia Roshmanov's residence's (S.I.M. Headquarters) music is used for Dr. F's lab in MySims Kingdom.
  • You can wear her glasses in MySims Agents for the Wii.
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