My Sims Workshop is a game where a sim comes to a city falling into despair. The main player runs a workshop to help the other resident's task to make it a 5 star town again. By Goth Boy. DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE!!!!!!


At least every resident has a task. You can tell that a sim has a task when there by there house with an exclamation mark above there heads. You can do the task by talking to them. As you complete more tasks, Character's houses begin to remodel and more people will move in.


A new feature is the motorcycle! You can build your motorcycle at your garage. You cannot use the motorcycle whenever you want only if it is required to do a certain task.


There are 4 locatians

The town name(The name of the town depends on what you name it)

The characters living here are:

Chef Gino-Pizza chef(available at the start)

Makoto-Engineer(Available from start)

T.O.B.O.R-Engineer(Available from start)

Gabby-Teacher(Available from start)

Samurai Bob-Gas stationeer(Available from start)

Mayor Rosalyn-Mayor(Available from start)

Poppy-Flower collector(Moves in at star level 2)

Trevor Verily-Play writer(Moves after Poppy's first task)

Shirley-Hair stylist(Moves in at star level 4)

Chaz McFreely-Daredevil(Moves after Gino's first task)

Ginny-Sheriff(Moves in after Bob's first task)

Dr.F-Scientist(Available from start)

Sir Charles-Champion(Moves in at star level 5)

Star-Ninja agent(Moves in at star level 3)

The Forest

You can access the forest at star level 2. The characters there are:

Madame Zoe-Fortune Teller(Moves in at star level 2)

Goth Boy-Poetry librarian(Moves in after star level 2)

Sachiko and Chef Wanatabe-Sushi chefs(Moves in after Zoe's first task)

Master Aran-Fighter(Moves in after Wanatabe's first task)

King Roland-King of the forest(Moves in after Master Aran's first task)

Mel The Mummy-Mummy(Moves in at star level 4)

Icy plains

The Icy Plains is acsessed at Star level 3. The characters there are:

Travis-Reporter(Moves in on star level 3)

Professor Nova-Alien scientist(Moves in at star level 3)

Dolly Dearheart-Costume Shop Owner(Moves in at star level 3)

Violet Nightshade-Dead flower collector(Moves in after Nova's first task)


Morcucorp is accessed at Star Level 4

Vic Vector-Arcade owner(Moves in at star level 4)

Roxie Road-Ice cream shop owner(Moves in at star level 4)

Brandi-Morcucorp agent(Moves in after Roxie's first task)

Morcubus-CEO of Morcucorp(Moves after doing all of Brandi's task's)

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