MySims Night Out
MySims Idea 1
Developer(s) Maxis
Publisher(s) EA
Release date 12/21/10
Genre Simulation
Mode(s) Multiplayer(PC and DS) Single Player (Wii)
Rating(s) Everyone 10 and up (E10+)
Platform(s) PC, Wii,D S
Media PC download, Wii disc, DS Game Card, PC disc

MySims Night Out is the sequel to MySims. It has basically the same plot as MySims, but seems a lot like The Sims 3: Late Night.


Your town is going well, but soon things get strange. Sims are having fights over Interests and Hates, and strange, sharp-toothed beings are coming to town. It's up to you to stop the fights, build twice as many house as before, and solve the mystery of the strange creatures.


Vampires always have the Spooky Interests, and most female vampires have Cute. The males will either have geeky or fun. There are 12 vampires, 6 are female and 6 male. The first Vampire is Cassie Voo who has the Cute and Spooky Interests, and hates Athletic. The female vampires will often have a shirt which has some sort of animal as a vampire. Vampires will tend to have red markings on their teeth at times.


This game has all the characters from the original game (You can welcome the last few characters into town before the new ones.) and it also has 12 new vampire characters. (I have 5 open slots to request in, so just have info and ask away!)

Vampires created so far:

Cassie Voo

Bubble (Twilight the Wolf's Sim Friend!)


 Please do not delete this until the page is finished. Headline(s) Needed: Interest/Hate fight&nbsp

Image(s) needed: Interest/Hate fight of Cassie Voo and Violet Nightshade

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